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С Днём Рождения

В одной из любимых программ: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJtObhusfaY

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Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada - You know that I'm a skater, but when I watch them I'm simply a fan. They have me at hello. These two won the Olympics and just kept going and the sport thanks them for that. The long program of Carmen on paper did not ring as such a good idea, but I love being wrong about something that turns out so right. I think that this program is unbeatable if skated well.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White from the U.S. - They're working hard both on and off the ice. With interviews designed to help us notice their new connection and lots of on-ice hugging it is obvious they felt they could improve on their togetherness. Their long program misses the mark for me though, and the distance between the pack and these two gets smaller.

Admittedly, these are my words alone and the judges don't seem to agree. Dance is almost as much emotion as it is steps, speed and skill for me and I'm a fan of this team, but still think their long program is vulnerable. But, I won't be a judge in Sochi at the Grand Prix so tune in and see.

ай-ай, Курт, ты прелесть :), прав, тысячу раз прав. и какой же ехидный :)

Очень понравился пассаж про Б-С:

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dimitri Soloviev of Russia - I could not really take them seriously before this season! I saw two skaters with tonnes of gestures and speed but they were so... what's the word I am looking for here... busy! They were so busy out there trying to be good that you could not see that they actually were good. They're wonderful and their new material from choreographer Alexander Zhulin, is brilliant. Take away all the unnecessary noise and you can see this team skate.

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Medal Winners Open

Ох. :inlove:

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Kurt Browning returns to the world of competitive skating

«My professional career has not had any competitive events in quite a few years, but that will change with a unique competition in Japan called the Medal Winners Open. It has forced me to be more organized about my summer training.

To be honest, I sometimes do not even have summer training, but this is a little different and deserves attention, especially because I am performing Singing in The Rain after 17 years.

I went seven weeks in early summer without being on the ice, but I have been skating since Aug 5 at the Granite Club in Toronto and taking regular lessons with Doug Haw. Doug was able to get Brian Orser to land a triple axel at the age of 40 and that little bit of magic was enough for me.

Doug has been amazing and our goal is to be the best I can for this competition. This event has an emphasis on the artistic side, so it is bound to be fun.

I had a dream of doing a triple axel but just did not believe in myself enough and had to put it aside to focus on everything else. When I am doing Singing in The Rain with the hat, jacket and especially the umbrella the triple axel was not going to happen. At first, it was hard to do even the double axel, but eventually the jumps started working with all the gear.»

О, Курт и тройной аксель! Тренировался! "Поющие под дождём!" :buh:

P.S Ну и получит этот инопланетянин от Робина :shuffle:

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Дорогой Курт, с прошедшим :). Я желаю тебе по-прежнему удивлять нас каждым выходом на лед, служить примером для подражания и предметом зависти, гордость Канады и инопланетянин.

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Feeling Good

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Без слов

Вы эти петли и перетяжки видели? Глазам поверили? Нет, вы не перебрали шампанского, просто Курт- Бог. (и инопланетянин) ;-)

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"I'm Yours"

Это достойно отдельной записи. Та-та-там...На ютьюб вернули "I'm Yours" Курта. Масстер-класс для молодёжи на тему "как сделать показательный, чтобы не было потом мучительно больно смотреть" :D . Особенный прокат, Курт в ударе. :) Скачайте, кто ещё не.

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Steppin' Out Of My Mind

Вот как нужно катать джаз и классический мюзикл ! :) Курт- ты Бог :) Ну не могу я комментировать эти невероятные дорожки, слов таких нет, сплошные восторженные междометия.

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CSOI 2010 - Kurt Browning - Luck Be a Lady

ААААААААА!!!!! Разумных комментариев не ждите, Курт в хоккейных коньках вытворяет такое....Срочно смотрите на этого сногсшибательного мужчину, потрясающего фигуриста, пока не удалили ролик. Кораблик, МАМА, кораблик :beg: (Кстати, кто скачал себе I'm yours- молодцы, ибо ролик убили :( )

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Это пИар

тут умница santia много и дельно написала когда-то про Курта "Бога" Браунинга. D@dny, Sanik читайте :).


Некоторые программы must see:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDNgFGdrxYk- That's Entertainment
www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RtL68KBBhY-Kurt Browning "Brickhouse" 1997
www.youtube.com/watch?v=da8HEwnKBu8&feature=rel... Improv on Ice Kurt Browning Meditation from Thais
www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1wH6o2ymUE- парный номер с Тарой Липински в хореографии Кристофера Дина
www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP_qwx48Wio- Shae-Lynn Bourne and Kurt Browning: Proud Mary
www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPD2I5vD9F4 -Kurt Browning - Triptico
www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMMEaiMcsQU - "I'm Yours" Kurt Browning 2009

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Я вешала у себя в ЖЖ, но пусть и тут будет. Для тех, кто еще не видел- потрясающее фламенко на льду от Курта Браунинга- номер для Art on Ice 2001, который, по-моему, "перепахает" любого:

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Stars on Ice 2010

Какие же Курт и Шизука невероятные! Бог и Богиня! Вот так должен выглядеть Бродвей на льду, именно такими, легкими джазовыми дорожками, пишутся легенды. Спасибо, Курт. Шизука- это женщина на льду, такие красивые линии, элегантность, да и просто- она ослепительная красавица. Совершенство.

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