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Confession: I'm listening to the soundtrack of 'Love Actually' whilst hoovering! Please don't tell anyone!! #dyson #jump

Простите, но в этом твитте прекрасно все: и Эрл с пылесосом, и саундтрек.

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Эрл уезжает с острова Уайт. Это таки перемены.

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Englishman in NY


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Downton Abbey voice

"…we speak English, but that’s kind of where the similarity stops. It’s a very different culture. And it’s not until you sit in it that you realize, ‘Oh gosh, this is very different, isn’t it.’ It’s wise to sit back and to see it all unravel and understand the differences and the nuances, that the Canadians are very different from the Americans. It’s fascinating, and that’s what makes going to America even more exciting, because I don’t know what quite to expect. What I have been told is to obviously put on my best Downton Abbey voice, as much as I possibly can!

“It’s an amazing opportunity and incredibly exciting to appear again in a show that I absolutely love, but for it to also be my Broadway debut is out of this world,” says Earl, who trained at the Jellicoe Theatre in Poole.

“When I came back from Canada it was the first time in 20 years as an actor that I didn’t already have something lined up to go to.

“I had just decided to enjoy the break when the offer to go to Broadway came in – an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

Earl is due to fly to New York this week and opens on Broadway on August 12, covering for American actor Will Swenson until October 3.

But not even the brightest of bright lights will stop him helping a local event that is dear to his heart – assisting his friend the renowned cellist Yvonne Marie Parsons in The Big Swim, an epic cross-Solent swim on September 7 to raise money for the Royal Society Of Musicians.

Earl paddled the lead kayak in the original Big Swim in 2012 from Southsea to Ryde Sands near his home on the Isle of Wight and was planning to take part again this year when Yvonne and fellow musicians Neil McTaggart and Dan Czwartos will swim nine miles from Colwell Bay, near the Needles, across the mouth of the Solent to Hurst Spit and along the coast to Hengistbury Head.

“Living by the water is just the perfect remedy to what is normally a most chaotic existence,” says Earl.

He added: “The sense of achievement we all felt after the first Big Swim was completed was just so incredible it didn’t take much to agree to support this gallant new attempt by Yvonne, especially when you consider the cause behind it


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Не успел Рамин с ходу получить номинацию на Тони, поставить Бродвей на уши, как к ним едет Эрл:

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Happy birthday, Perfect Ginger Englishman

Дорогой Эрл (да, it's like name and title in one) , и тебе скорейшего возвращения на сцену, о.Уайт- круто, но мы, эгоистичные зрители, требуем тебя. И уж если речь зашла о требованиях, то:

- пересмотри принципы и запиши альбом
- начни интересоваться тв и кастингами в сериалы
- сделай хороший фотосет

Пока все :)

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Эрл едет в Германию ...

Господа немцы, пользуясь случаем, порвите паспорт Эрла и не выпускайте :laugh: . Ян, бегом знакомиться :attr:

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Всех, кто празднует- с Рождеством, а в этот рождественский сочельник, лично я буду пытаться отвоевать звание чемпионки в "тарантиновке".

А пока, итоги конкурса на лучшее украшение гримёрок, который затеял Эрл, и в котором он же и победил :D.

вот дверь в гримёрку Эрла:

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Бедный Эрл: он смёрз в Канаде, посылает куда подальше этот год в твиттере, теперь вот это:

Кто-нибудь, напеките имбирных человечков, купите большую упаковку Эрл Грея (листового) и словите этого рыжего брюзгу у стэйдж-дор :D

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Эпонина что-то показывает Жаверу на айфончике

alyona на фсо просит, чтобы ужасные люди из ЛеМизов не пели. А можно мне попросить, чтобы ужасные люди под них не катались, а?

soundcloud.com/blackonyxring/beauty-and-the-bea... (2006, Эрл поёт If I can't love her из Красавицы и Чудовища, и это хатбрейк, захлёст эмоций, и как же Эрл лучше-то сейчас стал. Но мне правда очень-очень нравится, КАК исполняет эту вещь Ян )

И, отвечая на вопрос из зала, я смотрю фк, но мне нечего вам хорошего сказать ;) .Может потом изложу кое-какие соображения, когда всё закончится.

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Les Miserables Toronto cast will leave you breathless

Эрл и Рамин и Мелисса О'Нил были в Studio Q (помните, где сделали то эпическое интервью с Тессой и Скоттом?)


Ramin Karimloo: I love how one thinks they’ve out done the other. Like children. @EarlCarpenter @Mel13Oneil

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Эрл-Жавер на финальных поклонах:


(умиленные лица остальных доставляют, Рамин- лапочка, кто же спорит :D )

Пишут, что Эрл прекрасен (и не сомневались, ага), всем все подписывал, опять ответил, что записей Фантомов не будет.

Рамин был душкой, очень милым, но единственно попросил об общем фото, но это нормально.

Пока гости Вест-Энда всех исключительно радуют :)

А сами гости вот, футбол смотрят.

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Press day для ЛеМизов в Торонто

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Earl Carpenter Talks LES MISERABLES in Toronto


Earl took a few minutes to chat with BWW about the unique experience of being one of the only UK imports in this largely Canadian cast, what his first few weeks in Toronto have been like and what it's like working with Ramin Karimloo again:

-This is your first time performing in the city and also in Canada - what's been the best part of the experience so far?

So far it's been the coffee shops! I'm a huge fan of the independent coffee merchant so I've enjoyed exploring the many that are scattered around everywhere. It's also provided a great perspective of the city. The last time I was in Toronto was in 1992, so things have changed dramatically.

-Were there any major culture shocks when you first came over here?

Ha! Realising that your doors work differently to ours back in the UK. Please don't laugh, although I do everytime I completely stack it in many of your stores as I seem to have come from the 'school of the gifted' when opening doors. It's true, the default is to pull here where as ours are push.

-You have a long history with Les Miserables and have tackled the role of Javert before (as well as other roles) - have you become a bit of a mentor for the rest of the cast?

The only thing I seem to be mentoring the cast on is our delightful british skill of 'sarcasm'.

-Nothing wrong with that! You've performed with Ramin in concert at the O2 but ) the two of you never played opposite each other as Javert/Valjean. How has the rehearsal process been for you? Is it nice to have a familiar face on the barricades?

Well, we performed opposite each other in The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre in London's West End. Ramin was Raoul and I was the Phantom. This was back in 2006 so it is indeed nice to have a familiar face around. I think we both came here not really knowing anyone in the cast but it's also been great to catch up and to chat about this show with him.

-Another role you're very well known for is playing The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, which is a role many men who've played Valjean have often played. Have you ever thought about switching things up and tackling Valjean instead of Javert? Perhaps we can see a reverse 'Confrontation' between you and Ramin?

Have you been eavesdropping? We have talked about this and discussed a role swap - it would be fun - but impossible of course. It has been something I've often pondered but I'm not entirely sure I have the voice for Valjean, you do need more of a 'tenor' voice to comfortably sing and sustain the number performances we do. Who knows though, maybe one day?

-You've been in at least two high profile shows which have been associated with a certain level of 'super fandom' - have you encountered a lot of super fans and what has your general experience with them been?

I'm not someone who gets too enveloped with this side of the business. I try, without being rude, to keep a distance as I believe it's more to do with the roles and shows we're involved with that attract the attention. I'd rather keep it like that too. At the end of the day (no pun intended) I try and just be a jobbing actor striving for longevity rather then pursuing PR status. I've done ok so far without it. But it's great to know that these show have an amazing fan base. It's no surprise - they're amazing shows!

-As you may know, Les Miserables is a show which is near and dear to the hearts of many Torontonians. For those who might be concerned about the 'changes' being made in this new 25th Anniversary production, what would be the number one reason you would tell them to come and see the show?

At the heart of this new production is 'Victor Hugo', more so than the original. Unbeknown to many he was an incredible artist and our designers have taken his paintings and used them to inspire the design of this piece in a way that gives you a real sense of novel and its writer. His paintings are used throughout and with extraordinary effect in this production create an ambience that propels us into the world that is truly Les Miserables. Then add the incredible music from Alain and Claude-Michel and you have something very exciting. I still love the original production as it has a very special place in my heart but this one is exciting and visually stimulated in its own right and I do believe any genuine stalwart fan of the original work will still get affected by this incredible story.

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‘Les Miserables’ returns to Toronto

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Или вам сюда : www.citynews.ca/2013/09/16/les-miserables-retur...

Эрл и Рамин прекрасны, Рамин- БОРОДА, ага. Правильно, зачем работа гримерам- сами отрастим такое безобразие. Но в аэропорту ему точно придется объясняться :D

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Ничего не буду говорить про откровения Марины Олеговны, феерическая женщина, ага. Ну а что, посмотрим, КАК ИМЕННО она отблагодарит "страну рождения" :D :facepalm3: (хотя, давно она с таким энтузиазмом про Тессу и Скотта не говорила)

Ну и выход господ "вэст-эндовцев":


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Englishman in Toronto

Эрл купил себе велосипед в Торонто:

WTF!! Someone has stolen my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New bike bought with UBER lock! Then took bike in lift to apartment. Greeted peeps in lift with a very English and deadpan "good evening"!

яхочувтотлифт :super:

О, Эрлу припомнили:

@EarlCarpenter Please tell me it was the famed Michael Crawford "Good evening" #hmmmBetty

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INTERVIEW: Earl Carpenter on bringing The Three Phantoms to the Philharmonic Hall


Эрл объясняет, почему его экстренно тогда подменил О-Дж в туре (в Ливерпуле):

It is just a few months since Carpenter was last in Liverpool, appearing in the actual musical for a near three-week run at the Empire Theatre. He missed the press night due to sickness and John Owen-Jones (who appeared in Three Phantoms back in 2011) jumped on a train to cover the role.

“I had completely lost my voice. It was horrible,” says Carpenter.

“I’d had really bad stomach cramps the week before and then it turned into a nasty cold. The role is tough on your voice, especially if you’re doing it night after night after night and touring as well. It can catch up with you occasionally.

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